Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Disadvantages of working while going to school!

So I finally finished my cons list. It actually is not all that bad. Read for yourself!
  • Time: Now that I work about 15 hours a week, I barely have free time to hang out with family or friends. I work Tuesdays and Thursdays, and one weekend day. I work until close, which is about 9:30 P.M. So I come home, eat dinner, and go to bed. I do not normally do homework on these nights. That leaves the weekends and Mondays and Wednesdays to do homework. It seems like a lot, but it is not. I never have time to do things on my own, or to relieve stress.
  • Social: Like I said, I do not have a lot of time to hang out with friends. My boyfriend and a lot of my best friends go to Central University in Mount Pleasant. I used to be able to go up for a whole weekend, every two or three weeks. Now, I have no time to go because I am either working or studying. It has been a big burden on me because I love spending time with the people I love.
  • Slow: Weekdays at work are so slow. No one shops on weekdays so I am given "projects" to do. These projects are not fun at all.
  • Food: I no longer get to enjoy a family dinner every night like I used to. My family and I would always cook together and sit down every night to eat together. It is not like that anymore. I miss these things.
  • Money: Although the money is great, I always want to spend it! That is not so great. Wherever I am, shopping or at the grocery, I always feel like taking out my debit card and signing my savings away! That's when I have to think SPAIN, SPAIN, SPAIN.
  • Stress: I feel I am always busy and am always stressed about getting to work on time, doing homework, studying for a test. I am trying to balance it all out.
Now that you have all seen some of the advantages and disadvantages, I am wondering what you all think. Please comment on how you all feel, whether you are working or not. Personally, I am not sure if a job while going to school is really worth it. I know I can pay for Spain without doing this, but I think having a job helps me balance and only try harder... What are your opinions?
P.S. I found an interesting article on other peoples opinions on working while in college. Click on the link and let me know if you agree/disagree. Thanks :)


  1. I have always worked while I'm in college and it is tough, I'll admit. The thing is that I've gotten used to not having weekends free. I took Sundays off during the summer so that I could go to church, but I felt really weird because I had all this time. It was different, though, because I didn't have classes. I would also agree that having money is dangerous. I'm really bad when it comes to saving my money.

  2. I work sparingly on weekdays and personally I always envision in my head the great things I could be doing instead, however, when I find myself not working, I tend to feel guilty about it and often find myself bored. But, that's probably just me.

  3. Working while going to school really sucks - that is what I think. I also work about 10-20 hours a week and they used to beg to me all the time to work more and then try to give me the guilt trip when I wouldn't. I think they may have finally gotten the picture after saying no, and not returning phone calls for times too numerous to count. It is a struggle though and it hurts not to be able to have a social/family life. I often try to do it all, which leads to stress and trouble. I think that we just have to keep our thought on our ultimate goal - to get a degree, or whatever - and also on how nice it will be when we reach that goal.

  4. I will remember all what you said. Thanks for the thought.

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